• Technical concept for a special exhibition experience

    Bachelor thesis

  • Technical concept for a special exhibition experience

    Bachelor thesis


Stuttgart Media University (HdM)
ICT AG Innovative Communications Technologies

Project span

2014 – 2015


Prof. Dr. Simon Wiest (HdM)
Prof. Ursula Drees (HdM)
Manfred Dolde (ICT)



Digital media have revolutionized trade fairs, exhibitions and events. Displays and video technology have become standard equipment to highlight trade show presence. With the intention to catch the visitors’ eye many companies follow the trend to draw the visitors’ attention to their exhibition booth with an opulent and partly aggressive audiovisual overstimulation.

This thesis is about the implementation of a striking (eventful) trade show appearance which takes advantage of (od. bene ts from ) the approaches of psychology of perception whereby trade fair visitors are most effectively and immediately integrated in an outright experience: they can interact individually with show exhibits, get immediate feedback, can experience many emotions and bear in mind the advertised product.

Regarding content and technology this thesis outlines an eventful product presentation which interlocks optimally the advertised product and the presenting media technology. The technical realization deals with the by now omnipresent internet of things which links physical everyday objects with virtual computer systems.

This can be realized with the programming language JavaScript, which is examined experimentally, depending on suitability and compared with other approved technologies, as far as the programming of the single elements of a multi-component media installation is concerned.

The result is a standard structure for a multi-component product presentation which can be adapted to customer needs and requirements.

  • Database
  • Server
  • Arduino
  • Web development