• Elancholerie

    Time-lapse Movie on the Lofoten Islands

  • Elancholerie

    Time-lapse Movie on the Lofoten Islands



Project span



Music: Mathilde Hoffmann
Camera: Jan Fiess, Felix Hundhausen
Visual post production: Jan Fiess


Timelapse video of the impressive landscape on the Lofoten islands in northern Norway. Strong images are combined in a symbiosis with strong sound which is faithful to the overwhelming nature. Experiencing the beauty of the Lofoten islands during an outdoor trip satisfies your spirit of adventure and gives you a lot of élan no matter how unpredictable (or choleric) weather conditions are. Élan + Cholerie = Elancholerie.

Created in summer 2017, mainly on the island Moskenesøya of the Lofoten islands. Parts of the sound were recorded in 2016, also in Norway.

  • Image recording
  • Color grading
  • Video arrangement
Final result